Warm Clothing to Keep You Comfortable During Kayak Fishing

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Early winter is one of the best times of the year for kayak fishing. The cooler temperatures of the water invite the schools of fishes to come out their hideouts. Thus, fishes – in varieties and numbers – keep patrolling the shoreline. This makes fishing easier. However, adventure-loving amateur fishermen like you have to face a severe challenge during this time of the year. With the winter setting in, the air suddenly turns quite chilly. So you guys have to keep yourselves warm, while out there in the marshes.

Warm Clothing to Keep You Comfortable During Kayak Fishing

fishing in winter

Read on to know about some quick tips to keep yourself warm during those early winter months while out with kayaking. Apart from focusing on the deals for the best budget fishing kayak, this is also a crucial aspect else, your health may suffer and suffer badly.


  • As the best solution, you must think of putting up layering in your clothing. Multiple layers in dressing will allow you to adjust with the chilliness in the air all day long and stay comfortable. The most vital layer is the one right next to your skin. Here, you need clothing made from a quick drying fabric that absorbs moisture faster than your dry skin. Remember as compared to dry skin, when your clothing and skin are both damp, they transmit heat much faster. You paddle your kayak to your desired fishing zone in water and as a result of this physical exhaustion, moisture builds up inside your clothes. To negate all risks, do use the kind of clothing discussed above.


  • The next vital layer we need to discuss here is your outer wind shell. You’ve to prevent the wind from sinking into the interiors of your clothing. Consider using a waterproof and breathable rain jacket. Such smart-looking jackets are widely available in the market. Pick up a simple one with a single line design. But at the same time, make sure it properly fits you. Armed with this outer covering, you can add layers of clothing under it depending on how much chill is there in air on a given day. Remember, you’ll need ample room to cast while you’re wearing the jacket.


  • As far as the dressing to your lower body part is concerned, follow the same principle. You need to block the wind and also require rooms to spray for pulling onboard a prized catch.


  • Between the base layer and the outer layer of your clothing, slip on enough insulation that keeps you stay warm and comfortable. May be you can consider a combination of synthetic vests, fleece jacket and synthetic jacket. If the insulation layer has more of a slick texture, it becomes easier for you to retain casting and also enjoy greater padding mobility on water.


In order to make your kayak fishing endeavours successful, there’s no way you can ignore these fishing kayak accessories. Substantial body heat can get lost from the head and the neck. Have these body parts adequately covered as well. Follow these tips and enjoy kayak fishing more than before.


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