Leatherman Tread Multi Tool Bracelet Review

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Leatherman Tread Multi Tool Bracelet Review

Leatherman Tread Multi-Tool Bracelet Review


Leatherman tread multi tool bracelet consists of 25 tools in a 17-4 stainless steel bracelet-cum watchband. It was designed and built by Leatherman, the American tool making company. It holds tools such as bottle opener, a line cutter, a carbide glass breaker, Allen wrenches, pick SIM card tool, flat screwdrivers, oxygen tank wrench, Phillips, and box wrenches. It is a wonderful way of having all these tools all the same time, in the case of need, they will be arm’s length or dare I say wrist’s length.

Leatherman Tread Multi-Tool Bracelet components

The unique characteristic about it is that every single link in the tread has about two or three unique functions that they perform, and all that can be fitted easily to suit one’s wrist such that it does not look awkward to anyone watching. Also, being adaptable to smartwatches such the Apple watch is a nice added benefit. The curve crafted in the design prevents unwanted hooking of wool, clothes or materials generally, making not only stylish but also safe. The Leatherman tread comes with 8.56 inches circumference, and it can be further adjusted to fit by removing one or two links saving half to one inch, although that decision can be tricky as nobody knows which situation will present itself and the required link will not be available.



Purpose of the Leatherman tread multi-tool bracelet

The purpose the Leatherman tread multi-tool bracelet serves best is the quick, easy going, and fleeting fixes. Those qualities, in their own rights, are compelling, and without such a wearable accessory, one will not be able to benefit from the functionality and problem-solving innovation of this Leatherman Tread Multi-Tool Bracelet. Although a very serious downside is that these bracelets can be bought for around $200, but they can be confiscated in the airports so you may want to keep them away when flying. One may not want to return to buy another one because instead of spending that much, there are far cheaper options which even do better jobs and are obviously not going to be taken to specific public places, not only airports.

For anybody, men and women alike who consider being handy and love being prepared for unplanned inadequacies the tread is a good fit for you The uniqueness and trendiness it offers as well as the feeling of being capable of handling certain situations that may pop up gives one that extra swag and confidence to move around. It is a user-friendly device, and in order to use any of the tools, all one needs to do is to pick out the required link and fold the rest of the chain for the much-needed grip. It may be the hex screw of the bicycle that is the problem, being able to get it fixed saves one a lot and brings relief.


Durability of Leatherman tread multi tool bracelet

The durability of the multi-tool is quite remarkable, and even in the event that it gets damaged, the company has issued a 25-year warranty to fix it, However, it is important to also point out the fact that the guarantee cannot be claimed in a situation of abuse, or alteration. Also, the company’s 25-year promise will not cover for stolen treads or lost bracelets. For anybody coming back after ten years with hopes of getting them Leatherman product cleaned and sharpened will be turned back. This should not stop anyone from still getting one of these amazing tools. You will be surprised how much help you will get from having them. imagine just saving the day, and someone is just in awe that something so cool can get such things done, you can make a new friend because of your Leatherman tread, who says you need a pet to charm people.

Downside of Leatherman tread multi tool bracelet

A significant downside that was observed by a couple of customers is the way the bracelet gets rusted. Despite efforts to oil it often and keep it away from water, it appears it is prone to corrosion, especially the silver one, the black one seems more resistant to corrosion as experienced by some individuals who have been using the treads for a while. Hopefully, it will still be improved on, because when it gets entangled it can become frustrating and a real hassle to unravel.

In creating such a practical and environment-friendly tool, as much as the manufacturers tried to still make the most out of it, the limitations are evident and obvious. If one has a tasking repair to do, it does not have exclusive tools like pliers that could pull things out or bend tough metals or even grip anything. To get anything close to that, one will have to get a hold of the Leatherman Style PS.


These multi-tool bracelets can also be an excellent talking point with people like this who know next to nothing about, probably because they have not seen it before or they have seen it, they haven’t just seen it in action. Frustrating screws that may just need tightening, or strong ropes that need cutting, simple hacks that someone without the Leather bracelet can’t carry out, will be effortlessly accomplished by you, that will mean the world to you more than them because you were their hero, you saved the day.

Definitely, there are other options that may do better jobs and have more efficient tools but come to think of it, this still makes you ready like a scout and not armed like a soldier. There are numerous places that one cannot walk in with other typical pocket-sized multi-tools. Ordering one just got easier, you can go with the cool black tread, and you still have the option of getting the Leatherman tread that comes with the shining silvery finish.

If you cannot think of any reason to purchase more than one of these, then think of that special surprise you have been nurturing, why not just get it as an elegant surprise birthday or anniversary gift. I am convinced anybody receiving it as a present will treasure it much more than you giving it away. It could be received as a form of empowerment because you are sending a special message with each link on the Leatherman Tread Multi Tool Bracelet. Check it out here.

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