Cordless Steam Mop

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Cordless Steam Mop

cordless steam mop

There are a lot of mops out there and it’s not always easy to know how to use them, or where you can use them. A cordless steam mop is a bit newer to the scene and can seem confusing, but I promise you that they aren’t. Cordless steam mops are a great eco-friendly way to go about cleaning any and every hardwood floor in your household. They are hypoallergenic and very efficient.This article will take you through what a cordless steam mop is, how to use it, and where to use it.

What is a cordless steam mop?

cordless steam mop

A cordless steam mop is a mop that cleans with the use of steam rather than cleaning with the use of cleaning agents that use bleach and chemicals. With the use of steam that the mop generates it cleans away messes from tile, wood flooring, ceramic, etc.. A steam mop will generally have some sort of microfiber pad located somewhere under you mops jet stream, the pad will trap dirt and grime from your floors. Your steam mop should also have a water tank, or possibly two, attached to it. These should provide you with the ability to dry steam.

Once the water in your tank, or tanks, is heated to a 120 to 200 degrees Celsius your microfiber pad should be moist with the steam made by the tanks, you can then use the pad to quickly steam your floors. A good steam mop, unlike many other types of mops, will not leave any sort of residue behind, it should leave your floor spotlessly clean.

The extreme heat created by the steam mop allows it to kill up to 99% of household germs. While the steam mop can clean and kill germs, it can also be used to remove old stains, disinfect your floors, restore your floors shine and kill dust mites. The removable and replaceable microfiber pad on your cordless steam mop will need to be removed and replaced often. Some models of cordless steam mop may even have a two-sided flip mop head with two microfibers, allowing you to clean and disinfect twice as much before switching out your pads.

Be sure to use a soft yet durable pad on hard floors and delicate flooring, the best pad would probably be one with built-in scrubbing strips. You can use reusable, washable microfiber pads or disposable pads for
one-time use.

Be careful when using a cordless steam mop, there is still electricity involved and when not handled correctly you could be hurt. Please read your instruction manual before using any cordless steam mops.

How do you use a cordless steam mop?

cordless steam mop

The¬†first thing you should do is read the instruction manual for your steam mop, even if you’ve used one before if you haven’t read the instructions for the make and model you’re going to be using, read it. After you’ve read your instruction manual for your cordless steam mop make sure you have a clean microfiber pad attached to your cordless steam mop. Then you can add water to the water tank and wait a few minutes to let your water reach the right temperature, remember the temperature needs to be around 120 to 200 degrees Celcius.

You can clean many different types of floors but you need to be careful and make sure it doesn’t affect your specific floor, things such as the age of your flooring can affect the results. If you’re using your cordless steam mop on a say, laminate flooring, test a small area, find a spot out of the way and clean it with your cordless steam mop and make sure it works as to be expected. this means no peeling of the laminate, no discoloration, etc..

If something of that nature does happen, it’s best to stick with your usual method of cleaning.

Cordless steaming hardwood floors

Hardwood floors can be tricky to clean and steam. There are three steps you can follow to try to get a better clean on your hardwood floors.

1. A low setting with even cleaning strokes.

2. Check your microfiber often, around every five minutes or so, and change it as needed.

3. Don’t use your cordless steam mop on any hardwood floors that have been
treated with wax.

There is a chance that the heat from your steamer could damage the surface of the floor when it’s been treated with wax.

Steaming tips and tricks

1. Double check that your microfiber pad is clean before you start steam mopping.

2. Rinse your mop after each mopping, just to make sure no deposits of calcium build up on it.

3. Vacuum before you steam mop. Just to make sure you have all the dirt up and help keep your mop in good condition.

4. If an area is particularly dirty, hold the steam over it for 8-10 seconds to let the heat and steam penetrate the dirt and break down the grime.

Having more than one pad for your cordless steam mop is a great idea, whether you use reusable pads or disposable ones, keeping a small supply is never a bad idea. They are a smart investment, especially if you have pets or kids running around.

Remember that a steam mop is not a steamer. There are differences and some things that you can do with a steamer you can not do with a cordless steam mop.

So there you have it, the whats and the hows of cordless steam mops. Just to recap, a cordless stem mop is much like most mops but uses steam to clean rather than harsh chemicals and bleach found in most cleaning agents. Even
though it doesn’t use chemicals and bleach it can still kill up to 99% of household germs and leaves your house with clean disinfected floors.

It has microfiber pads to help you scrub scum and grime off of your floors and you can choose between reusable and disposable pads. You should test clean before cleaning delicate flooring such as laminate and hardwood floors can still be tricky to clean. Don’t clean your hardwood floors with a cordless steam mop if they have been treated with wax, it could end up damaging your floors. Make sure you water is at the right temperature before you start steam mopping, that means around 120 to 200 degrees Celsius.

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