Color Changing Bloody Bath Mat

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Color Changing Bloody Bath Mat

Color Changing Bloody Bath Mat

Have you ever heard of bloody bath mat or color changing bloody bath mat? What ran through your mind when you first heard the term?

Well, this mat does not in any way refer to a bath mat filled with blood or something that changes color when it is touched with blood. It is simply a bath mat that changes its color to blood red whenever it becomes wet with water.

Why change color when wet?

Of course, you know how badly bath mats smell when they are soaked and not dried as soon as possible. A wet floor also poses a slipping hazard. The change in color is to alert you that your mat is wet and needs to be dried urgently. Though it sounds like all tales by Moonlight, the phenomenon is real. The change in color is instant and addictive as well as seriously weird.

The mat is a product of IntroWizard and has been described by some users as a color changing bloody bath mat. IntroWizard is also very  famous for producing yoga mats for sweaty hands and feet. The truth about the mat is that it is actually nothing strange but a fabric bath mat with pre-painted footprints. To get the original, be sure you are buying it from Intro Wizard on the Amazon store. For more fun stuff to buy for your homes is very popular home improvement stuff. Please check out it.

Features of the Color Changing Bloody Bath Mat

Color Changing Bloody Bath Mat Review

The color changing bloody bath mat comes with important features you may want to know about before placing an order for one. Some of the features include:

Turns Red When Wet

The most interesting and yet freaky feature of this mat is its ability to turn blood red when water touches it. Stepping your wet feet on it on your way out of the bathroom instantly turns it into an alarming red color that can be scary to anybody, especially children and visitors who have never come across it before.

NINJA-Thin Plastic Sheet

You are expecting to see a thick, absorbent rug, are you? This mat is a direct opposite of the kind of thick mats/rugs we are used to. It is more of a sheet of fabric or plastic paper that is 1mm thick, with a regular size of 16x39in
(42 x100 mm). It can be hidden anywhere in the home and could just be a way of giving your unsuspecting spouse a shocking surprise.

Dries Back White

Though turns red when matched with wet feet, it doesn’t remain such for ages; it dries back white as if nothing ever happened. That could make you feel you had a dream if it’s your first encounter with the magic carpet. Since it is relatively cheap, you can buy several of them and lay them side-by-side to create more bloody effect from the bath.

Rolls up easily

When newly bought, the mat remains curled as it is unrolled from its box and maybe a little difficult to straighten out. The manufacturer recommends that you flatten it out under a heavy rug until it is straightened. So, once again, it is better to flatten it under a heavy rug before first use.

Product description

Color Changing Bloody Bath Mat amazon


Bloody bath mat from IntroWizard is the only true color changing bath mat. So, you need to beware of imitation or fake products with painted footprints in the market. It turns into red when it is wet with water.

The sheet is almost not visible because it is just 1 mm thick and can easily be hidden anywhere and remains unobtrusive to visitors – even to your boyfriend or girlfriend. But it can easily spring a surprise, especially as it makes you feel you have sustained a serious injury or that someone has been butchered in the room.

Bizarre! Isn’t it?

The funny aspect is that water does not soak into the mat but gradually dries out as you remove your foot. To avoid unnecessary stains, you should wash and air dry after use or if you notice any little stain on it.


The color changing bloody bath mat comes in three main distinct sizes, which include small, regular and large.

Small: The size is 16×27” or 42×70 cm in diameter and it is used for tiny spaces that are mostly compact. This can be
under your table, or by the refrigerator.

Regular: This measures 16×39” or 42×100 cm and is recommended for thin spaces that are mostly long. This can be from your bath door to the entrance to your main room.

Large: the measurement for the large size is 25×39” or 65×100 cm in diameter. It is the huge meter-wide size for better pranks.

Important Safety Instructions: Must be read before use

Caution: Flammable! You need to read the label before use. Because this product is flammable, it has to be kept away from flame, fire or other sources of ignition.

It should not be machine-washed or dried with a hot dryer Water on the product or surfaces that are close by may accumulate and pose a source of slipping hazard. To avoid injury, you must use it with care.

It is necessary to closely supervise children when using the product in a home where there are children. This is to minimize the risk of injury. Additionally, children should not use it as a toy.

It should not be used on surfaces that are elevated, slippery, uneven or wet. Make sure to air dry the product in between uses. The product should not be used outside its intended purpose.


It’s fun to have.

Let’s you know when to dry your wet rug.

Dirt cheap so can be afforded by anyone.

It’s lightweight and easy to move around.

It dries out so easily.


The mat is thin and prone to curling up.

It has permanent red stains/marks in some portions.

Looks more like a paper than a rug.

Can scare your guest as well as the kids in the house.


The color changing bloody bath mat is a product that looks simple yet it plays an important role in keeping your home neat and dry. One big advantage it has is its portability and ease of maintenance. It is highly affordable, so anyone can easily have it around the bath to warn you of your wet floor.

The color changing bloody bath mat has a few warnings that users must heed. To stay safe, remember to keep it off fires, flames or other sources or ignition. Since it has the capacity to cause a slipping hazard, be sure you are not using it on an elevated, slippery, wet or uneven surface. To get your genuine product, check this link to place your order. Remember that anything outside this link could be a fake.

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