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Buy True Reflection Mirror Online

As the name asserts, the True Reflection Mirror was technically engineered to show us our “true image” or basically what others see when they look at us. Unlike the typical mirrors which show our images being totally unsymmetrical, the true mirror restores your real image allowing you to view yourself exactly as other people see you.


How is the True Reflection Mirror different from other Mirrors?

buy true reflection mirror online

Unlike the normal mirrors, the true mirror is composed of two optical mirrors connected to each other along their edges at a 90-degree angle. If positioned vertically, the observer will see a non-reversed image. A non-reversed image implies that one views himself exactly as how he looks in real time.


How does it work?

As mentioned above the difference between True Mirror and other mirrors is its use two optical mirrors conjoined at a 90 degrees angle which makes it impossible for the light to reverse back.

The nature of the common mirrors to reverse light results to flipped images meaning everything will be shown backward and in flipped version. such that things like graphics on your shirt, parts of the face such as the eyes and ears will all appear in a reversed manner.

However, with a True Mirror, this is a thing of the past as you will get the exact images of yourself without any kind of alteration.


Benefits of a True Reflection Mirror

If you are wondering why you need a True Mirror, here is why, according to Tom Hartley, a renown and highly decorated psychologist, when you make eye contact with yourself in this mirror you enhance your ability to communicate and relate properly with your body parts such as the eyes and also boosts your capability of interacting with yourself more in real time.

In backward mirrors, this experience is curtailed almost instantly as a large number of people tend to look less real, lively and expressive. It’s quite normal for people to appear more static and serious while using normal mirrors as compared to when using True Mirrors.

True Mirrors are also said to bring about the feeling and desire of bonding between oneself and the visual reality.


Features of True Reflection Mirror

  • True Reflection – With this mirror, you get the real and accurate image of yourself, no left and right reversal as commonly experienced with other mirrors.


  • Perfect Image Alignment – The application of the two optical mirror concept guarantees the observer seamless and perfectly portrayed images as compared to other normal mirrors which depict backward and flipped images.


  • 3 Dimension Images (3D Images) – The mirror is designed to produce high quality of images in 3D, this makes it even easier and better to carry out some tasks such as applying makeup and shaving without getting mixed up on how to move your hands as in the case when using regular mirrors.


  • Large Size –  The mirror is large enough to give you a better viewing space. Small mirrors are often challenging as you have to look at a specific part of yourself at a time, but with this, you can have a glimpse of yourself all at once from head to toe. It measures 7 x 12 x 12 inches.


  • Average Weight – Weighs 5 pounds which enhances its portability for instance when you wish to move it from one room to another. The weight slightly changes to just 6.5 pounds during shipping thus as a client you won’t have to part away with much to have the product delivered.


  • Easy Shipping Terms –  The product can be shipped domestically in the US and also internationally to select countries. To have the product shipped, all you have to do is follow some simple procedures and protocols and the company will send the product to your location after a few days. How long it takes for the delivery to be made will depend on factors such as distance.


  • Classy Color Design – Comes in black color which beautifully blends with its crystal clear optical mirrors. However so as to cater and take into consideration of all the clients, the company also offers customized designs for instance in terms of color.


  • Anti-scratch – For a person with a family comprised of young children, you don’t have to worry as the mirror is made of a high-quality material that hardly scratches even after being scrubbed with rough objects.


  • Adjustable Mirrors – Has a knob that allows you to adjust the mirrors in any way that suits your needs. The knob is also designed in such a way it’s not very stiff and not too loose, this way the user does not have a hard time attempting to adjust the mirrors.


  • Easy to Clean – Easily restores its crystal shiny appearance after a little amount of cleaning, for instance, using a lint-free type of clothing.


  • Durable Exterior Casing – Comes with a hardy enclosure casing made of molded plastic that ensures that the mirrors are perfectly held in position all the time.


Striking high-quality images

No left and right reversal of the image.

Superb image alignment

Real-time image view experience

Seamless image


A bit expensive

The angles may realign themselves resulting in a distorted image

May result in low self-esteem to some users who may not be impressed by the image appearance of how
people view them.



True Reflection Mirror is with no doubt one of the greatest innovations that have proven to pose great significance In our lives. This mirror is of intrinsic value not only domestically but also commercially for instance to individuals who used to rely on regular mirrors to conduct their businesses such as designers, models. With this innovation, they can enjoy high quality and seamless views of themselves and their customers for instance when applying makes ups or doing the hair.

So if you are in need of a mirror design that will carry you away due to its impeccable image quality or you are just interested or curious to buy true reflection mirror online then I hope this article would have been of great use to you.

Thank you for reading this article. I’ll be back again with some other awesome cool stuff in the next post. Until then take care and be happy.


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