Best Smart Lunch Box

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Best Smart Lunch Box

best smart lunch box

There are several factors you should consider when looking for a best smart lunch box, except you want to settle for anything. Comfortability and ease of use are perhaps the most important features you will like to see in your preferred lunch box, then you want a lunch box that will keep your food warmer for longer periods, and you may also want a box that is multi-functional with lots of space and at the same time wouldn’t cost too much.

Those brown bags are quite flimsy and boring, and they may not even keep your food warm for too long. Brown bags can also be detrimental to the environment. The best smart lunchbox is the one that is multi-functional, for instance, it should be able to keep warm and cold food separately and keep them at the desired temperature for long. It is quite important to have a smart lunch box you can take to work, gym, and everywhere else, without the lunch box making a mess of the food content.

Having the best smart lunch box comes with numerous benefits, it saves time because you can eat fresh food directly from the pack and then it saves you money and keeps you healthy because you don’t have to waste your money at a fast food joint.

There are quite a number of smart lunch boxes that can be classified as the best, but the top 3 of them, according to reviews are:

  1.   Prepd Pack Lunchbox
  2.  The Insulated Everest lunch bag
  3.  The Coleman 9-can lunch box
  4.  The MIER lunch box

Prepd Pack Lunchbox Review

Prepd Pack Lunchbox

Prepd Pack Lunchbox is not only intelligently designed but also crafted in a beautiful manner. The box redefines the entire experience of carrying your lunch to your workplace or anywhere else. The box allows owners to plan, prepare and track the nutritional value of their meals on a daily basis. The box is modern and durable.

The manufacturer has used natural bamboo to make the unique housing the box for great performance. The unit is flexible enough to suit your daily needs as far as lunch is concerned. The containers can be organized in multiple configurations in the park. Users can take advantage of the smaller containers to control their portions as well as enjoy large meals with ease. If you are bored of the same lunch over days then it is high time you considered purchasing this unit for another experience.

It is sold at an affordable price thus making it great for both average and low-income earners. The box can assist users to attain different diet, health and appetite goals over years.


Handmade from precision engineered polymer and natural bamboo.

Comes with a smart magnetic cutlery set.

The pack has food safe containers.

The materials are BPA-free and FDA-approved.


Beautiful packing system for great packing of your lunch.

Aesthetically pleasing, thanks to the bamboo stick.

The container is easy to clean.

The multiple sets of containers make it easy to pack your lunch.

The magnetic cutlery is sturdy and attractive.

Great source of inspiration for better meal preparation.

Relatively affordable.


Poor insulation.

The sizes are a bit limiting.

Time-consuming to pack lunch in the smaller containers.

In conclusion, Prepd Pack Lunchbox is a must purchase. You can get it on here.  The box allows users to pack their lunch in an efficient way. It is easy to clean and lasts for months. The set includes a number of smaller containers where you can pack your food with ease before leaving for your workplace or anywhere else.


 Insulated Everest Lunch Bag Review

Insulated Everest Lunch Bag

You can’t mention three top lunch boxes and exclude the Everest. Very small and portable in design. It is an insulated box that creates an ample space for your lunch. The interior is predominantly made of vinyl, and that makes it clean and easy to maintain. This box is completed with an adjustable shoulder strap that makes it very easy to carry it everywhere you go, and it is available in a wide range of colors.

The zippered compartment inside the bag is well-insulated, thus retaining heat or coldness the whole day, to ensure that your food remains fresh for hours. It also comes with some front pockets that have zippers where you can keep napkins and utensils. The mesh pockets on the two sides of the box can be suitable for keeping your condiments, canned and bottled drinks. The Everest lunch box weighs just 12 ounces and can be easily cleaned even when there is a spill. You can purchase this lunch bag from here.


It is very spacious, yet retains its compact design.

Well-insulated to keep food warm or cold all day.

This lunch bag is a great bargain. It also comes with diverse fascinating colors.


The bag requires gentle care on the inside because the vinyl can wear and tear when misused.


 Coleman 9-can lunch box/soft cooler Review

Coleman 9-can lunch box

Very lightweight but roomy enough to hold some 9 large cans of drink or equivalent lunch packs inside. This is one of the best lunch boxes that deliver high-quality food protection at a very affordable price. Its design materials are very easy to clean and it also comes with anti-microbial features to keep germs and pathogens away from your food. It comes with a removable liner alongside odor-proof design material.

Aside from the main interior for packing food containers, this pack comes with side pockets for extra storage. It has a side pocket where you can place your ice pack, and there is a hard-plastic liner for keeping large plastic bottles. At the top of the pack is a bungee cord.

Perhaps the most amazing feature of this lunch pack is that it weighs less than 1 lb. which makes it one of the lightest lunch packs around. It comes with a shoulder strap that makes it easier to take the bag to the beach, gym, office and everywhere else. The lunch box is designed to resist bacteria, mold, and odors. You can purchase this lunch box from here.


A great bargain for the value it offers at an affordable price.

Comes with heat-welded seams that make it leak-proof.

The bungees located on the lid provide extra room for storage.


There is no carrying handle on the top, hence you have to carry the box from the sides or with the shoulder strap.


The MIER lunch box Review

MIER lunch box

The MIER can be regarded as a tote bag that is designed to cater for more than a day’s worth of meals. The thermal bag comes with an excellent organizational design. It is one of the few lunch boxes with a double-decker feature, and it has separate compartments to keep warm and hot foods separate from the cold ones. This lunch box is very easy to clean, likewise, it is environmental-friendly and portable.

Aside from the main section that holds and packs meals, there is an upper section in this box where you can keep your fruits, alongside dry foods and snacks. The bottom region is the perfect place for the Tupperware with sufficient rooms for cans of soda and bottled water. With a PEVA lining, you can keep your ice packs relatively well without the fear of melting ice leaking through the bag, there is a front pocket that can store your napkins and utensils safely. This lunch box can be purchased from here.


The shoulder strap is detachable and it comes with a handle on the top for flexible carriage.

The pack weighs just 13.6 lbs. hence it is relatively light for transportation.

It is dishwasher safe and the interior is lined to prevent leakages.


It is slightly costlier than many lunch boxes within its class.



Other smart lunch boxes worth considering include; The Evolutionized EDC, The Rubbermaid Lunchbox, and Ramaka solutions boxes. It is important that you consider your individual needs before you choose the ideal lunch box that perfectly suits such needs.


Well, this was all from my side. Thank you for reading this article. Hope you enjoyed reading it. If you have any suggestions or any comments please let me know by commenting below. I’ll be back with some new cool stuff in the next article. Until then take care.



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