Best Pepper Spray Gun

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 Best Pepper Spray Gun


salt pepper spray gun review

Guns are a major source of debate. Should we carry guns? Should we kill in self-defense? Should we all have the right to bear arms at all times because the fate of our safety is unknown?

Whether or not you agree with people that support the right to bear arms, we can all acknowledge that the safety of our lives and that of our loved ones is a primary issue. That is why non-lethal defense weapons are created. With such weapons, you won’t kill anyone nor cause them permanent damage but your safety and that of your family is guaranteed.
Amongst these non-lethal defense tools are salt guns and in this article, we discuss the best salt gun on the market; the self-defense Salt Pepper Spray Gun. This gun is available on Amazon, click here.

What Is The Salt Pepper Spray Self Defense Gun?

The Salt Pepper Spray Self Defense Gun is a non-lethal self-defense gun that was made to provide you with the same trusted, non-lethal protection that comes from pepper spray but with 10 times more in terms of safe distance. This salt gun has the traditional handgun shape but fires powered pepper that forms a chemical cloud on impact and quickly incapacitating anyone in its range.

The salt pepper spray self-defense gun comes with a defense kit that includes the guns carrying case, the gun itself, carbon dioxide cartridges, salt pepper spray rounds and some practice rounds.

Key Features Of The Best Pepper Spray Gun

 Best Pepper Spray Gun

1. Long shooting range The salt defense gun has over 150 feet in shooting range which dwarfs the 6-10 feet range of traditional tasers and paper sprays.

2. Confirmed protection –  This gun has been proved to be safe and efficient by over 4500 trusted agencies that include the United States military and the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

3. Powerful but non-lethal effect –  The salt gun has rounds that contain non-lethal pepper that is sprayed in powdered form causing it to break into action upon contact. This immediately results in temporary blindness,
breathing difficulty and total impact distress.

The gun is very much easy to operate and fortunately does not have the violet kick effect or the loud bang that is characteristic of the traditional handgun.

4. Unmatched power – This salt defense gun comes with a powerful but safe carbon dioxide household cylinder that gets activated at the will of the user by easily pulling the trigger. Pulling the trigger of the gun breaks the cylinders seal and lets off the pepper spray.

5. Velocity – Each round from this salt gun runs at a whopping velocity of 320 feet per second. This velocity is equivalent to the kinetic energy that results after getting hit by a flying 50 mph fastball.

6. Long shelf life – This salt defense gun boasts of fine grade military strength that gives it at least 5 years of shelf life, which is twice that of the industry standard.

7. Amount of shots – The gun comes with a slick 7-round magazine that makes it possible for the user to quickly fire up to 21 rounds. For more features and current price make sure to visit here.

Why Is This The Best Pepper Spray Gun?

best pepper spray gun review

1. Packaging

Every consumer and retailer know the importance of well packed good and the essence of additional items that
accentuate the product. The salt defense gun comes with two brown boxes, two carbon dioxide Crosman cartridges and a very detailed user guide that contains numerous pictures for easy reference.

2. Practice Rounds

The gun comes with 10 practice rounds enough for you to learn how to use it without wasting the lifesaving pepper
spray. This practice rounds are conveniently packed with common household talcum and sometimes ordinary baby powder. These rounds are everything like the pepper spray just not the effect. So other than that, you will get a real-life picture of how the gun would work to save your life.

3. Long Living Pepper Spray Rounds

The pepper spray rounds have a shelf life of over 5 years so you don’t have to worry about keeping them for too long. They will survive. And you won’t have to maintain them by buying more.

4. The Con Effect

This best pepper spray gun looks like a real handgun and would scare the life out of anyone. This is the perfect self-defense con.
Hold it up to your attacker and watch them freeze, thinking their life is about to escape them. 11 inches in length, 7 inches in height, 2.5 inches wide and 1.25 inches thick the gun feels well designed and very sturdy because of its aesthetically pleasing plastic detail. This gun is a bit bigger than the Desert Eagle but much lighter as it is made of plastic.

5. Tactical Rail

The gun has a tactical rail below its barrel. This tactical trail or Picatinny can be used to hold extra safety accessories such as an extra handle, a laser sight or maybe a bipod.

6. Iron Sight Aiming

The Salt Pepper Spray Self Defense Gun comes with standard iron sights positioned on top and both at the back and the front to assist you in aiming.

7. Safety Switch

Every good gun needs a safety switch. We don’t want to be firing every time. On this gun, above the trigger on the left is the gun’s safety switch. With the safety on, no shots can be fired.

8. Easy Magazine Access

Another button exists on the gun, right below the trigger. This button is used for the release of the magazine. The magazine is spring loaded and hence forcibly ejects once the release button is pushed.

9. Readily available accessories

Powered by carbon dioxide cartridges that are available in sports stores you don’t have to worry about running out of ammo.

10. Safety

Loading the cartridges do not puncture them. The cartridge is only punctured the first time you pull the trigger.


The best pepper spray gun is the salt defense gun which is easy to use and safe for you while ensuring that you stay protected. View the item here.

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