Best License Plate Flipper

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Best License Plate Flipper

best license plate flipper 2018

Everyone at one point or the other needs to escape from the challenges of driving on the road. Having two or more license number does the magic. But it is going to be annoying if you have to get down and change them with a screwdriver. In the process, the time you are trying to keep is wasted. Thanks however to technology for its many amazing innovations. Recreation and sports is now more fun with best license plate flipper. With just a click, your plate is changed.

In addition to its benefit to recreation and sports, license plate flipper protects your car from theft. Some have asked frequently if using it is legal because it has been used to escape nefarious acts like avoiding cameras on toll
roads or when ignoring the traffic. Yes, it is. It keeps your license plate intact, concealed from dirt, dust, free from
damage like rots especially when you have parked the car for a long time. It is a form of identity protection when displaying your whip at a car show. This article has no intention of promoting illegal use of license plate flipper. We
have only provided information for the good use of it.

While some do not give the best service required, there are quite a few which are worth the price in terms of durability, flipping speed, flexibility, and others.

Let us consider some of the famous and best license plate flippers on Amazon below.

  1. Show N Go Electric Powered License Plate Frame
  2. License Plate Flipper USA
  3. Electric License Plate Frame Flipper EURO
  4. License Plate Frame Flipper Turn Off EURO
  5. AVAPARTS Electric License Plate Flipper USA Type for KIA Optima
  6. Hide Away Black Electric Hidden License Plate


Let’s discuss all details about them one by one:

Show N Go Electric Powered License Plate Frame

Show N Go Electric Powered License Plate Frame

This license plate by Altec Products allows you to show and hide instantly your license plate with a remote key. With a frame dimension of 11x13x1 inches, it befits any vehicle with the usual front bumper-to-road clearance.

The installation poses no problem as even amateurs can fix it with the universal installation tools. However, it does not work on 2006-current 206, ZR1, Sports Corvettes and any vehicle which is low to the ground because it is very delicate.


License Plate Flipper USA

License Plate Flipper USA

This is a 2 piece in a set license plate flipper with a case size of 18 x 33 x 2 inches and frame supply of 12 voltage. It is metallic and can perform perfectly even when in water. Also, the mechanism is hidden under the replaceable panel. Meanwhile, it can only be used when a car legally uses two license plates.

Installing this license plate does not require cutting out some part of the bumper of your car. With a press of the button, the plate rotates 180 degrees so as to replace the plate to another. Don’t worry, even in water, it is working fine. Mind you, this plate flipper is only valid in USA, Canada, and Mexico.



Electric License Plate Frame Flipper EURO

Electric License Plate Frame Flipper EURO

This license plate by Avaparts is also one of the best license plate flipper. It comes handy with two license plates, two engines and it has a remote control which means you do not have to be inside the car before you flip your plate number. Like the first, its frame supply is 12 volts. The case size is 555x145x18mm.

However, it does not come with installation instruction because of the uniqueness of the individual car. Thus, you would have to seek the help of license plate flipper installation masters. It also requires that you maintain it periodically such as lubricating the rubbing parts once a month during summer and twice a month when it is summer. This is based on the operation of use and the user’s discretion but it is advisable so as to maintain the durability.



License Plate Frame Flipper Turn Off EURO

License Plate Frame Flipper Turn Off EURO

The manufacturer of this license plate in China. It is a rotating plate of 21.8 x 0.7 x 5.7 inches; 11 pounds. The construction material is metal and plastic and it has a remote control and wire. The mechanism is concealed behind replaceable panel while the control button is installed in the car.

Its features are:

  1. Double layer coating
  2. Flexible and tender sheath cable
  3. Easy installation
  4. A thicker cable



AVAPARTS Electric License Plate Flipper USA Type for KIA Optima

best license plate flipper kia optima

The use of this license plate flipper is valid in USA, Mexico, Canada, and UAE and can only be used if officially the car uses 2 license plates. It is construction is both metal and plastic with a frame supply of 12 voltage.
Periodically, the plate has to be maintained. Before installing, ensure that the drive cable oil is lubricated.


Hide Away Black Electric Hidden License Plate

hide away best license plate flipper

This license plate flipper works electronically. When the key is turned on, the license plate goes down; when it is turned off, the license plate goes back up. The installation tools are just wire, connectors and others. This plate flipper is good for slowing down when driving. It weighs 6 pounds.


License Plate Frame Shutter USA

License Plate Frame Shutter USA

This license plate frame may not look standard but it is one of the best which keeps your license plate in safety and from dirt and dust. It can only be seen behind the closed shutter and it requires special instruction to reveal the plate number. With the remote control, you will be able to close or open the shutter simultaneously on two frames. It comes with a unique console to control the hider which can easily be carried about in your pocket or purse.

The construction material of this license plate is metal and plastic. There is need to periodically lubricate and clean to prevent rot in the metal area.



These products are all available on Amazon. They are the most used and best license plate flipper. Whether for recreation and sports or all you just want is to protect your license plate from theft and other legal protections, a license plate flipper is the best option.

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