Best Beach Tent 2018

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Best Beach Tent 2018

best beach tent


A trip to the beach involves several things to do being checked off, according to peoples preferences of course. The usual snacks, games for the kids and reading material for the older ones, supplies for emergencies, and drinks make up the usual picnic basket must pack.

Summer periods are meant for a long comfortable and enjoyable day in the beach, and the need for shade is prominent if you want to enjoy your day. A beach tent could make your outside picnic super pleasant and a
safer experience for your loved ones. A beach tent with proper quantity or sun protection helps to reduce
your family probability of getting tanned drastically, and it also provides a comfy environment for protection
from various outdoor components. The beach tents are similar to the standard tenets, but they are designed
with unique features that favor children by considering their all liabilities.

Apart from these staples are other more important things to keep, like the mandatory sunblock, kids swim gear like floaters and tubes, frisbees and balls, tents and sun shades and other camping supplies if the trip is going to be a long one. For those that do not enjoy the experience of burning up in the sun all day or those that have sensitive skin and do not relish the thought of peeling off sunburnt skin from themselves for next few days after their beach trip there are thankfully a number of great options for staying protected from the sun rays.

As technology and the availability of ever new variants of materials and alloys come out, there is increasing improvement in outdoor equipment that is available to buyers. For those of us that need protection from the sun and sand, there are a number of wonderful tents and shades available that do not require a girls guide camping badge or a boy scout certificate to put them up.

These are easy to assemble and lightweight tents are simply the pop-up kind. Take them out of their bags or boxes and they pop up straight away or after you press a button or lever on the assembly somewhere. These tents are made from polyester and aluminum alloys that are lightweight and can be put up and taken down in minutes are a dream come true for the nervous camper or beach goer. The old-fashioned tents that required extensive pegging and stringing and tying down of lines to stakes and pegs in the ground are long gone.


Top 5 Best Beach Tents 2018

  1. The Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tent
  2. Lightspeed Outdoors Cabana Beach Tent Sun Shelter
  3. Rio Beach Portable Sun Shelter
  4. Coleman Compact Shade Shelter
  5. AUGYMER Beach Tent


Let us go though them one by one.

1. The Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tent

Pacific Breeze Easy Setup Beach Tent

The Pacific breeze beach tent is big and comfortable that is versatile to help you requisite a place to have fun and crash on the beach, in the highlands and even in your home background. This is a frivolous pop-up tent that can sleep up to four grown-ups regardless of the weather. When you take the shelter to the beach, you have enough space to put your small tables, lounge chair and anything else you need to have a relaxed fun.

This best beach tent has a unique seashore style, and it’s lightweight with big windows on both sides for maximum airing you need on the inside.

It comes with enormous front arrivals making it easy to slide in and out, and a must-have for your seashore shelter. The floor is prepared with PE permitting to help it withstand outside abuse, use and continuous exposure towards the sand and salt water. It has a UPF50+ material that defends your family from the dangerous ultraviolet rays, but it also permits enough sunlight to help you enjoy the summer season. The tent is all about maximizing fun on the beach.

The well-recognized company manufactures the Pacific breeze beach tent, and its design gives the shelter the ability to be used outside since its waterproof. Its lightweight with a compact design and it works well with any person who loves fashionable tents. The tent also offers imposing protection from sun, rain, and wind and it also comes with an easy to carry case making it super portable.

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2. Lightspeed Outdoors Cabana Beach Tent Sun Shelter

Lightspeed Outdoors Quick Cabana Beach Tent Sun Shelter

Lightspeed makes a beautiful outdoor and one of the best beach tent with its complete UPF 50+ protection that keeps your family safe from the hot and harsh summer sun. The canvas is lightweight since it weighs only 6.1le making it easy to carry around and its super durable with its hard material and design making it ideal for families with pets and kids. It has a compact design that makes it foldable and it also comes with a telescope pole utility.

The tent is super large fitting four adults comfortably and leaves enough space for the other seashore equipment. It’s also equipped with an exclusive scheme that makes it easy to set up within the shortest time possible. It has three walls and extended canopy that offers an additional shaded space. The Lightspeed has a roof of 49 inches with an extra space undercover and floor mats that spread out to the front giving an added 3-4 feet. It is made of frivolous polyester solid that covers your whole family from the sun, and it also features three windows.

The windows are strategically placed one on each of the tent walls. The Lightspeed Cabana beach tent derives in your convenient whether for the backyard, seashore or any other place of your requirements to get the best shade from the sun. The tent boasts of solidity hub-system with integrated poles giving you a simple setup and teardown. It comprises of sand pocket, shoulder band, carrying case, guylines, skates and three roll-up windows offering additional ventilation and privacy.

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3. Rio Beach Portable Sun Shelter

Rio Beach Total Sun Block Shelter Tent

This is a dependable unit that every family needs for an enjoyable day in the beach. It’s a freestanding and handy sun shelter that offers your family an SPF 50 sun defense keeping your family adequately protected from the damaging UV rays. The Rio Beach is a free and compacted beach tent that features aluminized covered frames. Therefore it made its place  into the list of the best beach tents 2018.

The frames are washable, and it also has two inner pockets and two external mesh windows with zippers. The outer zip windows are for ventilation and the big pockets for storing your things. The carry bag with shoulder bands makes it easy to move the tent from one place to another quickly. It has an isolated and steady design through a foldable aluminized edge and its light in weight, and it’s prepared of a powerful7SD SPF 50 polyester material that offers more prominent protection against rain, wind and harsh sun rays like UVB and UVA emissions.

Check out the price and user reviews here.


4. Coleman Compact Shade Shelter

Coleman DayTripper Beach Shade

This is the best-compacted shade beach tent that your family needs for their seashore holiday. It features two unique zippered doors that give general privacy to your family, and it also has four hanging pockets that are easily accessible from inside the tent. The multipurpose back changes towards the wall, a front awning that securely delivers additional shade, door with mesh windows and sandbags that swiftly anchors the tents even when the mighty wind blows.

The shelter has a big tent that works well for taller people, and it can comfortably accommodate four people. It comes with four hanging pouches; carry bag, SPF 50+ UV guard defense, and a floor mat that spreads out of the tenet, extra-long stakes and a convenient dry line. The hanging pouches give you perfect place to keep your stuff, and it has a green-themed style that is fashionable. The dry line provides the best altering room to hang your wet swimsuits.

Check it out here.


5. AUGYMER Beach Tent

AUGYMER Beach Tent

Out of the several easy up tents that are available in the market, the one that I prefer the most is the AUGYMER which is one of the best beach tent. This is a lightweight beach tent roomy enough to fit 2 to 3 persons. This tent is built from UV protecting waterproof fabric. The fabric of this beach tent is especially silver coated to give protection against UV rays. The packing lists protection as a UV rating of 50+ UPF(UPF 50+ UVA< 5%). The tent has a woven mesh screen at the back to let in light. The mesh screen helps to keep out bugs, allows ventilation, and keep out the sand and rain.

The tent is designed to resist wind by its design, which allows for fixing the tent down onto pegs, there are 4 bands to hold the tent down as Weill as inbuilt sand pockets to weigh the tent down in case of strong winds.

This tent has the usual pop up design that involves pushing down on the top section after which the tent structure opens up and is ready to be fixed to its pegs. The rods are made of pliable aluminum-based alloy due to which it is very flexible and lightweight. The dimensions of the AUGYMER Beach Tent is pretty roomy, they stand at 59x 55x 47 inch when opened and assembled. Once collapsed, the tent takes up just 19 inches and weighs just 2.2 lbs. its lightweight and easy assembly make it possible for children to use it for their yard games and pretend beach picnics.

The tent arrives in a small zippered bag and pops up immediately and is good to go. The back flap rolls up to the mesh window which lets in light and air while keeping out the rain and sand.

The front part of the AUGYMER Beach Tent opens down the middle and both sides of the “door” can be rolled up and tied to keep the tent open. The ground flap that extends from the front part of the tent is also a great feature as it gives extra space to move in and out and helps to stop the sand from coming in. The tent was very easy to fold back up and put back into its tiny bag. allowing for easy storage and travel.

The high-density gauze window keeps the air fresh inside the tent and stops the sand and dust from entering into the tent at the same time. This great ventilation feature allows for the tent to allow for the dissipation of heat and ensures that the tent remains ventilated and fresh. The tent comes with 6 high-strength aluminum beach tent nails to help hold the tent down in case of winds and the sea breeze.

The advantages of going for this tent is that the superb steel or aluminum wire does not get deformed after repeated opening and closing. The high-quality 19ot cloth with high-density gauze is double stitched. The tent wears well and repeated opening and closing does not affect its performance and durability.

For its price, it can fit in 2 adults and a kid or 3-4 kids at a time with ease. This gives it real value for the money being paid for it. It also provided guaranteed sun protection for the sun-averse and does not require camping skills to be set up.

For those of us that do not relish the experience of burning up in the sun all day. or Even those that have sensitive skin and do not look forward to having to peel off sunburnt skin from themselves for next few days after their beach trip this tent is thankfully one of a number of great camping options for staying protected from the sun rays.

This tent is a great option because of it’s easy to put up and pull down features along with the extensive sun protection that it provides.

The tent is available on Amazon and is well rated. The thing to bear in mind is that it gives real value for money for its price and has features that are comparable to those of tents that are priced at 3 or 4 times the price of this tent. Good quality and good value at a reasonable quality is a great combination and should not be passed upon.


Best beach tent offer the best solutions for the family to have a privacy time after enjoying time in the water. The above tents are designed to fit your family style of fashion and to give the perfect protection against the changing weather. They are portable and versatile offering you the services your family needs to have fun, and they are super affordable.

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